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Smooth edge scrapers bring a unique set of capabilities to a job site. In construction applications, the ability to cut, cart material, fill, clean-up, rip and trim final levels with GPS mean that these machines have a very versatile CV. They can operate as a primary earth mover or support tool to other bulk earth movers onsite. In agricultural applications, the capabilities are clear, performing all tasks to create free draining paddocks.

Our smooth edge scrapers are setup with the following specification: 

  • 390 - 585 Hp tractor and JNR scraper

  • 12 - 18 m³ capacity

  • Trimble GPS ready

  • Low ground pressure

  • Walking axle to maintain grade across uneven ground and finish grade at high speed (Ag)

  • Cross tilt cutting edge, works self-sufficiently to bulk and trim cross falls etc.

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